Instagram has released its much-anticipated video platform.

This new app will make it possible for all users to upload hour-long video content that will live within the app on its new IGTV platform and a newly launched IGTV standalone app.

The Facebook-owned company announced IGTV during an event in San Francisco in June, also sharing the news that the social media site has reached 1 billion users.

“On Instagram, people are watching 60 percent more video than they did just last year. An entirely new category of video now exists, and it’s being made by creators. Teens may be watching less TV, but they’re watching more creators online”. said Instagram CEO Kevin Kevin Systrom

The IGTV video content is optimized to fit how users watch video on their phones. Content will start playing as soon as a user clicks on the TV-shaped icon within Instagram or opens the IGTV app.

“The launch of IGTV is really exciting because it now means that Instagram covers all the bases. Influencers will be able to post photos and videos to their feed, make Stories that last for 24 hours, stream live videos and make these new 60 minute TV shows,” says Brooks. “It also means that influencers will no longer need to redirect their audiences to YouTube, they will be able to post all of their content in one place. I imagine that if an influencer has been considering starting a YouTube channel, this update might persuade them otherwise.”

The IGTV platform within Instagram and standalone app began rolling out globally in June on Android and iOS, and, according to Instagram, should be available to all users over the next few weeks.

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